If you enjoy playing on an online casino, you should be able to do it without breaking the bank. You will see plenty of high value bonuses offering to double your first deposit, but these sometimes require a large initial investment to be worth any value. What about us that just want to deposit £5 here and there? Do these kind of casinos even exist?

Fear not, we’re here to tell you about your options if you’re looking for something a little more affordable. Low deposit casinos are becoming popular, and we suspect that more of them will continue to pop up.

£1 Deposit Casinos / £2 Deposit Casinos

The very lowest deposit you’ll be able to make at any online casino is £1. We’ll be completely honest though, these sites can be very very difficult to come by – although they are out there. A £1 minimum deposit is particularly great if you’re the type of player that spins at say 0.10p on slots, as you’ll actually get quite a bit of entertainment from your deposit.

There are also a few £2 minimum deposit casinos out there, not absolute minimum but not the standard £10 required. The reason that these sites are so rare is due to processing and banking fees, although it’s typically a pretty negligible amount, it’s likely that the casino pays a charge to process each deposit. If you’re deposit is £1 or £2, it’s probably not worth it to most – think about how a number of shops will only accept a card payment if it’s £5 or more.

£5 Deposit Casinos

The most common minimum deposit at a casino is £10, with around 90% of online casinos accepting this. The rest would be £20 minimum, especially if there’s a big bonus involved. There are, however, a fair few £5 minim deposit casinos and they are extremely popular amongst players.

Most of the biggest online bookies will accept a £5 deposit, and the same goes for their casino sections. This makes it a lot more affordable to play, as you don’t need to spend much to be able to have some fun with your money. More and more online casinos are offering this to their players.

Deposit Methods and Terms

The minimum deposit at a casino is almost always by debit card only, and many of the others will require a minimum of £10 or even higher – the only exception usually being PaySafeCard.

The likes of PayPal, Neteller and Skrill will not allow a deposit of less than £10. So be sure to read the terms and conditions on the casinos information page to know which methods are included or excluded.