If you look at countries like Sweden and Finland, no account casinos are the biggest thing on the market right now. A bank ID card both verifies your identity and your payment method, meaning pay and play is very much a reality. In this post, we take a look into what’s possible for the UK and the reality for the future.

How Does a No Account Casino Work?

We’ve done a thorough overview of casinos with no account on another page, but for the purpose of this blog, here’s a quick explanation. In other European countries, you’re issued with a bank ID card and this becomes your gateway to pay and play casinos.

Upon visiting an online casino, all you need to do is enter your bank ID details and you can make a deposit, and withdraw easily without any of the pain of a long registration and verification process. They are proving to be incredibly popular in Scandinavian countries, with operators fighting to own the lions share of the no account casino market.

What About Pay And Play Casinos In the UK?

If you’re an experienced online casino player, you will know all about the UK Gambling Commission. It’s there to protect players, and it’s arguably one of the best in the world. Although this can sometimes feel restrictive or limiting compared to other countries, the UKGC is in place to ensure that every gambler has a safe and fair experience.

The UK Gambling Commission requires every player to be identified and verified before they can deposit and play. This is both to avoid fraud and to cross-reference players against self exclusion databases like Gamstop. This is the main reason why no account casinos are not possible in the UK market, as there is no way to check for problem gamblers or previously excluded players.

The bank infrastructure is also missing, with no bank ID cards in the UK. We don’t doubt that if it came to it, the banks could make this happen, but it’s very unlikely to be something the UKGC allows.

Other Options for UK Casino Players

It’s difficult to suggest an alternative to a no account casino, because quite simply, it’s a standard online casino with the usual sign up and verification process. It’s worth noting that online casinos are making a lot of changes to ensure that this process is quick, efficient and seamless for players, and you often won’t be kept waiting for long.

Just be sure to have a picture of your passport and proof of address stored so that you can provide the documents quickly, be verified and be on your way. Remember to avoid any non-UKGC licensed casinos that promise you no verification, they are not safe.