The Best Casino Bonuses

Welcome to Get Casino Bonus. We’re a team of online casino players obsessed with finding value. We wanted to create the best and most genuine casino comparison site on the web, and we think we’ve done a pretty great job. Here you will find a list of the best casino bonuses in the UK, tried and tested by our experienced team. You won’t find better detail anywhere else.

Assessed to our using our own review criteria, we will only recommend a casino site that we would be happy to play at ourselves. We’ve separated the good, bad and ugly, and listed the very best bonuses for UK players in 2021 on this page. Whether you’re looking for a deposit bonus, free spins, or any other kind of welcome bonus, you will find them all right here. You can also head to Casivo for more information about UK casino sites.

Types of Casino Bonus

There are many different UK casino bonuses offered to new players, and each casino site will do things slightly differently. A casino welcome bonus is likely to look different from something offered to existing customers, for example. Remember that there can be only one bonus offer per player per casino. Below you will find a brief guide about what kind of bonus offers and promotions to expect.

It’s not just casinos that have bonuses. You can also find all kinds of offers at the best new slot sites too. Be sure to check those out!

First Deposit Bonus

When joining a new online casino, you will usually be given the opportunity to double your spend with a first deposit bonus, or a deposit match bonus. There are also some out there that will offer more than double, sometimes a match up to 500. A matched bonus is a great way to make your money go further. They are the most popular welcome offer for players that are looking to make a deposit because they give you the best chance of winning some cash. This is because you have more bonus funds to play with, and lower wagering requirements when compared to something for free. The most generous type of offers is the first deposit match, so if you're looking for value, this is where you will find it.

No Deposit Bonus

They're less common, but they're still out there. No deposit bonuses are a great way to enjoy a casino site using bonus money and not spending a penny of your own. Whether you're just looking to play for free, or if you want to get a feel for the casino before committing, these no deposit bonuses are a great option. Remember that they will be significantly smaller than a deposit match as the risk is much higher to the operator, and with this will also come much tougher terms. Expect high wagering requirements and maximum win limits. Despite that, though, they are completely risk-free and so are still worth a go.

Free Spins

Free spins, sometimes referred to as bonus spins, have always been an absolute favourite amongst players. You may be offered bonus spins on selected games only with no deposit on registration, or perhaps some bonus spins alongside a deposit match offer when you first spend some of your own cash. Either way, they provide a casino experience like no other, and this is why we love them. The difference between this and the previously mentioned no deposit bonus is that free spins tend to be specific to a certain game, such as Book of Dead or Gonzo's Quest. Because of this, you will have the chance to play on something you may not have experienced before. Look out for exactly how many spins you get, and what the value is, and remember that bonus spins need to be used within 72 hours.


Online casino cashback is a bonus rewarded to players when join. You can get a percentage of your losses back during a particular period, such as your first week. This is paid as cash and can be withdrawn freely, or you can use it to have another go on your favourite games. This type of welcome offer is notoriously popular with high roller players, as there is no wagering attached and it is rewarded as real money. This allows you to play as you would, and know that you will be reimbursed if it's not your lucky day. Cashback can accumulate faster than you may think, and this is an offer to consider if you are a regular player.

Live Casino Bonus

The live welcome bonus offers a special reward for depositing and playing on the live casino platform. As one of the newest and most popular ways to play, these are great incentives to give the live casino a try. They will usually centre around Roulette or Blackjack and can be a deposit offer, and bonus spins on selected games or something completely unique. Although these types of live casino welcome bonuses are still rare, they are sure to become more common as the platform continues to grow. There really is no gaming experience like it.

Low Wagering Bonus

Low wagering bonuses are simple. They are casino promos that come with lower-than-usual wagering requirements. This makes them easier to win from, and so much better value overall. They are quickly becoming a favourite amongst players, and so more online casinos are introducing them. These types of bonuses are a much higher risk to operators, and so despite lower wagering, keep an eye out for any other tighter terms. These are incredibly valuable bonuses, and probably the best out there.

VIP Bonus

These are the biggest and best offers you will find. A VIP bonus is exclusive for the big spenders and is sometimes referred to as a high-roller bonus. The specifics are unknown, as you need to be invited as a VIP player to get access, and the criteria will differ between online casinos. Think higher deposit matches, spins of higher value, large cashback rewards and much more. Let's not forget about the fact that there are also many other perks to being a VIP, and it is no secret. All we know is that these are the best of the best online casino offers.

How We Review Casino Bonuses

Our review criteria investigate every welcome bonus and casino offers in real detail. We take a close look at what you get, for example, how many free spins are there? How big is the deposit bonus? What are the wagering requirements? Is it just for new customers only? These are just some of the questions we ask when assessing an online casino bonus. Here’s an explanation of each area in more detail:

Bonus Type

We take a look at what type of online casino offers are available. These can come in many different forms, from deposit bonuses to free spins on selected games and others. But we begin by looking at the type of offer, whether it is just one or multiple, and how much the whole thing is worth to the player. This is the starting to point to deciding which is the best casino bonus in the UK. Different types of bonus suit specific players better than others, which is often the most difficult part to understand. We go into real detail about what the offer actually entails, and what type it actually is.

Terms and Conditions

Casino offers can look great on the surface but come with a whole load of terms. Some of these conditions can be very limiting, and significantly impact the quality of what’s on offer. The terms are always visible for you to easily find, and on our site, you will see the conditions of every offer right next to each casino. We look in complete detail at every area of the T&C’s, but some of the most important include the wagering requirements, excluded deposit methods, minimum deposit rules and maximum win limits. Don’t forget about expiration too. Otherwise, any unused bonus funds will be lost. Before you do anything, understand the terms first. Otherwise, you may be caught out somewhere.

The Value of a Casino Bonus

If it is a deposit match, what is the upper value of the bonus? If free spins, how many can you get? If cashback, what’s the percentage and for how long? All of these are questions we ask when assessing the value of a welcome bonus. An offer from a casino is a great thing to get, but how much you can actually get your hands on makes a real difference. Finding the true value of a bonus requires a real investigation, and this is where using us can save you a whole load of time. We won’t recommend any casino sign up bonus offers that aren’t good value.

The Experience

We sign up to the site ourselves and get a feel for the entire experience. Is it easy to deposit and claim your bonus without hassle? Does it get credited when the rules say it does? No matter how good a casino offer is, the experience is what completes the whole thing. If the site is hard to use, or if the bonus isn’t what you expected, it can create a bad first impression and ruin your gaming time. This is the finishing touch on the bonus review process, but equally important as every other aspect.

Welcome Bonuses vs Standard Bonuses

You may be wondering what the difference is between a welcome bonus and a standard onsite casino promotion. The most obvious is the fact that welcome bonuses are for new customers only, usually rewarded upon their first deposit. Online casinos use these to attract new players to their brand, and they use onsite promotions to keep them there.

The bonus offers for new players tend to be more generous, but will also come with a higher wagering requirement. The online casino has no idea whether you’re going to just take the offer and never return, and so they use these rules to protect themselves. This is exactly why standard and loyalty bonuses tend to have more favourable terms, as the trust is established by that point.

The typical welcome bonus will be a first deposit match exclusively for new customers, but there’s also likely to be some free spins thrown in too. You can still get a deposit bonus as an existing player, but these deposit bonuses will likely be much smaller.

Can You Withdraw a Casino Bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw a casino bonus, but not before you’ve played with it. Your bonus is separate to cash funds, and so it’s not in your real balance right away. You can, of course, request a withdrawal at any time, but you will forfeit your bonus. To make any cash from online casino bonuses, it must first be used within the expiry period. So once you’ve made your first deposit, or claimed your bonus offer, we recommend using it straight away. As long as you understand the bonus offer and the terms, and have a little luck on your side, you should have no trouble withdrawing from your bonus.

Before the funds become real money, you will need to complete the wagering requirements. We go into more detail about what this actually means below, but wagering is the fundamental of any offer. Once you have finished wagering the total bonus, you are free to withdraw. Remember that certain payment methods like Skrill and Neteller can be excluded, which will impact where you can actually withdraw. Most importantly, if you want to withdraw from a bonus and not wait for days to get paid, you should choose a fast payout casino.

What Does Wagering Mean?

In a nutshell, wagering requirements are the number of times you must turn a bonus over before you can withdraw any winnings. For example, it may be subject to 35x wagering, and until that point, bonus funds are separate from cash. It sounds more complicated than it is, which is probably part of why the term is so demonised. A couple of basic examples would look something like this:

If you claimed your £100 bonus and won £4,000 on your first spin, you would need to play through that full £4,000 before you could take anything from it. In the most simple terms possible, if you’re spinning at £1 a spin, every spin is £1 worth of wagering.

Ultimately, wagering requirements are hard to avoid, but they don’t need to be the enemy. As long as you understand what the wagering is before you accept a deposit bonus, there shouldn’t be a problem turning the bonus funds into cash. You need luck on your side though, of course.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

Wagering exists for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s to protect the casino so that a player doesn’t deposit, claim a bonus, then withdraw the whole thing. Secondly, and quite frankly, they’re in place to make it harder to win.

Despite what you’re know-it-all friend might say, online slots and casino games are completely random. The operator cannot prevent you from winning. However, what they can do is to create rules to make it harder to wager a bonus.

What About a No-Wagering Bonus?

No wagering bonuses are fantastic value, as it’s essentially free cash. The drawback is that they are usually tiny amounts, around £5 or so. For example, a larger bonus, a 100% deposit match up to £100 will be subject to 35x wagering or more. Although not wager-free, these casino bonuses give you plenty more to play with for a chance to actually land a decent win and turn it over.

Game Contributions and Wagering

Wagering can get complicated when it comes to game weighting and contributions. It’s not quite as simple as turning over a certain amount on any game to meet requirements, as games can vary greatly on how they count towards wagering. Most slots are worth 100%, but the numbers get much lower than looking at table games or live casino. For example, a £100 spend on slots with your bonus funds would be £100 towards wagering, but a £100 on Roulette can be worth as little as 20%. The standard contribution breakdown looks like this:


  • 100% on Slots
  • 20% on Roulette
  • 10% on Blackjack
  • 10% on Live Casino

There are some exceptions to these rules, though. A very high RTP slot may not be included in the bonus or not subject to 100% wagering contribution. Any bonus funds do not count towards wagering contribution, only real cash does. The key to finding out the specifics is always reading the terms, which will clearly outline this information.

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are an essential aspect of every casino bonus, and you should always read them. They can massively influence the value of a bonus, and whether they are worth accepting at all. The UK Gambling Commission states that conditions should always be visible to players, and so you won’t need to look far to find them.

We would always recommend reading all of the casino bonus terms so that you completely understand. If you’re browsing over quickly, make sure you check the most important parts. Read about the wagering requirement, maximum win limitations, as well as any exclusions on payment methods or particular games you can play. Doing this will avoid any nasty surprises and ensure that you are 100% clear from the getgo.

Our casino reviews include what is best described as the key terms. We will always highlight the bonus size, the wagering, the expiry times and any significant exclusions. Please read these before going to sign up at any of our recommended online casinos. To make things even easier, we have outlined the most common terms and conditions to look out for.

Can a Casino Bonus Be Removed?

In short, yes. Even the best casino bonus can be removed from your account by the operator, but it is rare. You will only ever lose a casino bonus if you are suspected of breaking the terms and conditions, or if any casino bonus offers expire. Expiry is made clear in the terms and conditions, and if you do not complete wagering the total bonus within the timeframe, you will lose it. This is otherwise known as ‘removed bonus funds’, and if this happens, you will be given an explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Trust Get Casino Bonus?

We’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing every single single you see on this site. We’ve looked at licensing, safety, games and bonuses, just to name a few, so that you don’t have to. We have worked in the casino industry for many years, so we know what a good casino looks like.

How Many Casino Bonuses Can I Claim?

In reality, you can claim as many casino bonuses as you want. As long as you’re a new player with no previous accounts, you will be eligible for the welcome bonus at every casino you join. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions in case there are some excluded payment methods that will mean you miss out.

Can I Get A Bonus Without Depositing?

In short, yes. No deposit bonuses do exist, and they are out there, although harder to come by. Just remember that they will typically be very low value, such as £5, and have humongous wagering requirements attached. They are very unlikely to win you any money, but it doesn’t cost anything to have a try.

Why Are Neteller and Skrill Excluded From Casino Bonuses?

Neteller and Skrill are often excluded from casino bonuses due to their processing fees. It costs a casino money to allow such payment methods, and they pay a fee for each payment made. Most brands determine that the liability is just too much to pay for the deposit and to reward a bonus too. They aren’t excluded from all, but you will find they are from most.

What Happens When I Finish My Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is for new players only, so once you’ve used it with a casino, you won’t get another. That said, there are plenty of perks to sticking around. After the welcome bonus is finished, you will become eligible for loyalty rewards and regular onsite promotions. These can include bonus spins and deposit matches, amongst other things.

Which is The Best Casino Bonus Type?

We prefer deposit matches, but the best type of bonus will depend on your preferences. Some like spins, others like doubling their money with a match bonus. We are here to present you with the best options and you just need to decide your favourite.

Can You Win From a Casino Bonus?

Yes, you absolutely can win from a casino bonus. To increase your chances, you should always look for offers with the best terms attached. Some bonuses are designed to make winning more difficult, especially those that are given for free. Low wagering requirements are important, and will make winning easier. That said, nothing can guarantee a win and you will still need luck on your side.

Please, Gamble Responsibly

At Get Casino Bonus, we have a commitment to responsible gambling. We want to ensure that every visitor to our website is aware of the tools available to them, including and GamStop. We want our readers to enjoy a bonus while still practising responsible gambling, and we encourage anybody to seek help if gambling is no longer fun. Each of our bonus reviews includes full details about terms and conditions and the specifics of each offer, please be sure to read these in detail so that you know what you are accepting before you play. If you require any further help, please contact our team.